The Iowa Games is a non-for-profit organization that relies heavily on its volunteers. In most cases, a volunteer receives a T-shirt, lunch and an occasional sign of gratitude from an athlete or spectator.

For many of our volunteers, it is the feeling of accomplishment, sharing in others’ success or just having fun that keeps them returning year after year.

This award is designed to reward our volunteers and give them the praise and recognition they deserve for effortlessly giving their time and talents year after year.


Volunteer of the Year Winners

2019 Winter Ryan Merritt General Volunteer
Winter Dustin Moscoso General Volunteer
Summer Lowell Doerder Diving
2018 Winter Loras Softball Team General Volunteer
Summer Jodi Larson Youth Soccer
2017 Winter Bill Pasnik Table Tennis
Winter Eastern Iowa Figure Skating Club Figure Skating
Summer Glenn Hunter Youth Soccer
2016 Summer Denny Backous Youth Soccer
2015 Winter Peggy Whittmer Cedar Rapids Medical
Summer Boone Rotary Cycling Road Race
2014 Winter Sumei Xioung Table Tennis
Summer Cliff Pence Trucking Crew
2013 Winter Jay Gonzales Indoor Soccer
Summer Kreg Menning Participant Check-in
2012 Winter John Dodge Indoor Soccer
Summer Kim Downard Swimming
2011 Winter Melissa Benner Trapshooting
Summer Cathy Beckman Soccer
2010 Winter Tim & Georgia Schmidt Ice Hockey
Summer John Hayes Soccer
2009 Winter Eric Wierson Basketball
Summer Brian Pepper Lunches
2008 Winter Paul Ulrich Downhill Skiing
Summer Kathy Gundlack Taekwondo
2007 Winter Eric Manson Table Tennis
Summer Church of Latter Day Saints Basketball
2006 Winter Don Vogt Swimming
Summer Bill Mullan Shooting
Summer Dave Head Shooting
2005 Winter Sue Ransom Soccer
Winter Kathy Ryan Soccer
Summer Tracie Wilson Soccer
2004 Winter Karen Hanson General Volunteer
Summer Glen Mente Opening Ceremony
2003 Winter Dave Wallis Swimming
Summer Mike Helland

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