Mission Statement
The mission of the Iowa Games is to provide sports and recreation opportunities for all Iowans through Olympic-style festivals, events and programs.

What are the Iowa Games?
The Iowa Games began in August of 1987 as a weekend event, featuring 16 sports and 7,104 participants (nearly a record number at that time for a first-year state games). For the first time, weekend athletes, school children and senior citizens could experience the thrill of great performances and satisfaction of doing their best in a statewide Olympic-style competition.

Who is eligible to compete?
All Iowans! The Iowa Games offers event for athletes of all ages and abilities!

Residency Policy Update: The National Congress of State Games, the membership organization of the Iowa Games, has recently amended its residency requirement to allow non-resident participation in State Games events by residents of states that have no State Games program and residents of states whose State Games program does not offer their sport of choice. The Iowa Games, in order to foster State Games interest in non-member states, has agreed to allow non-resident participation.  If you have questions regarding residency, please email info@iowagames.org.

The Summer & Winter Iowa Games

The Summer Iowa Games

The Iowa Sports Foundation is known for the Summer Iowa Games, which take place annually during July in Ames. Over 60 sports are offered during the Summer Games. Special events are a large part of the Summer Iowa Games environment. Included in the Summer Games is the Opening Ceremony, Athlete Jamboree.


The Winter Iowa Games

The Winter Iowa Games is held annually late January and early February.  The main weekend of the Games is held in Dubuque but events are also held in Cedar Rapids and several other Iowa Communities.  The Winter Games offers over 20 sports. Annually, the Winter Games hosts over 4,000 athletes.

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