The Iowa Games is a non-for-profit organization that relies heavily on its volunteers, which includes its volunteer officials. In most cases, a volunteer receives a T-shirt, lunch and an occasional sign of gratitude from an athlete or spectator.

Many of our volunteers officiate all day long with no expectations of recognition or reimbursement. It is not uncommon to see a basketball, baseball, hockey or soccer official work more than 10 games during the course of the weekend.

This award is designed to reward our officials and give them the praise and recognition they deserve for generously giving their time, sweat and talents.

Official of the Year Winners

2019 Summer Luke Booten Youth Soccer
2018 Winter Don Keller Soccer
Summer Steve Scheid Judo
Summer Jolene Nikl Youth & Adult Soccer
2017 Winter Dave Beason NASP
Summer Bruce Pesch Cycling
2016 Summer Bob Cody Youth & Adult Soccer
2015 Winter Chris Carmon Basketball
Winter Larry Ward Basketball
Summer Mike Wickman Taekwondo
2014 Winter Karl Schaper Basketball
Summer Dennis Jones Road Race
2013 Winter Alan Stoltz Basketball
Summer Royal Wentworth Basketball
(accepted by the Wentworth Family)
2012 Winter Jim Ingrham Trapshooting
Summer Fran Long Track & Field
2011 Winter James Ingrham Trapshooting
Summer Dennis Payne Softball
2010 Winter Gerry Miller Basketball
Summer Craig Fox Baseball
2009 Winter Dekker Pfab Soccer
Summer Tim Christensen Baseball, Softball
2008 Winter Ken Tully Downhill Skiing
Summer Roger & Nancy Thomas Basketball
2007 Winter Larry Ryan Soccer
Summer Bob Wanemunde Basketball
2006 Winter Ray Mantsh Soccer
Summer Ron Larmie Soccer
2005 Winter Dave Suther Basketball
Summer Don Wall Cycling
2004 Winter Don Keller Soccer
Summer Linda Lowinski Softball
2003 Winter  Adam Menning Soccer
Summer Wolfgang Oesterreich  Road Race

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