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» Track & Field | Youth (Indoor)


Saturday, February 24, 2024


Hawkeye Indoor Track Facility (Recreation Building)
930 Evashevski Drive
Iowa City, IA 52246 



The meet will begin at 9:00am*

Field events will begin at 9:00am.
Running events will begin at 9:30am.

Only 1/4″ Pyramid spikes allowed.

*Please arrive no earlier than 8:00am. Other events on campus will be wrapping up so want to allow time for traffic to decrease and parking to open up. 




Iowa Games Staff

2024 State Games of America
Qualifying Event

2024 State Games of America

Competition Format

Events will begin with the youngest age division and progress through all age divisions. Female contestants in each age division will compete first, followed by the male contestants in that age division. In all track events, heats will be run with the best time determining the final placing. There will be NO PRELIMS. All events are final best on best time/distance.

Seed Times:  Seed times are not required, however, athletes can indicate their seed times during online registration.  These seed times will be taken into consideration when creating the meet.

Participants are limited to 3 individual events.

Only 1/4″ Pyramid Spikes are allowed on the track.


Current USA Track & Field rules will apply unless noted otherwise.


Age Determining Date

December 31, 2024

Medals sponsored by Grinnell Mutual

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be given in each division.


Athletes will receive a colored T-shirt for their entry fee. Athletes can upgrade their cotton shirt for a dri-fit shirt for $12 through January 5.


Track & Running Club Discount

The Iowa Games offers a discount to track & running clubs that have 10 or more members sign up for the Iowa Games track & field meet.  Contact Tre Stanton for information on the discount program: or 888.777.8881 x 706.


Track and Field has the largest number of individual athletes. As a result, many volunteers are needed to time, judge, mark field events, etc. Please help ensure a quality event and volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link below (link will be posted by November 1).

If you have questions, please contact Tre Stanton at



Ages 7 – 8 | Boys & Girls
Ages 9 – 10 | Boys & Girls
Ages 11 – 12 | Boys & Girls
Ages 13 – 14 | Boys & Girls
Ages 15 – 16 | Boys & Girls
Ages 17 – 19 | Boys & Girls*

*19 year old athletes can compete but they MUST be still be in high school. These individuals will be verified prior to the meet to make sure they are not college students/athletes.


60 M | all age groups
60 M Hurdles | ages 11 – 19
200 M | all age groups
400 M | all age groups
800 M | all age groups
Mile | all age groups
Long Jump | all age groups
High Jump | all age groups
Shot Put | all age groups


Order of Events

Find full schedule HERE.

60 M Hurdles
60 M Dash
400 M Dash
800 M Run
200 M Dash

Field events will be going on while running events are taking place.

**Running events will be run with the youngest age division going first. Female divisions will run before male divisions.

Only 1/4″ Pyramid Spikes are allowed on the track.

Registration Deadline

$20 Entry Fee + additional $2 per event
Online: Monday, February 12

$25 Entry Fee + additional $2 per event
Online Only: Monday, February 19


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