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» Cycling Gravel Grinder Race





Sunny Heights Farm
17641 Templeton Rd | Ames, IA | 50010


Long Course:
Check In 9:00am
Pre-Race Meeting 9:50am
Race Start 10:00am

Short Course:
Check In 9:00am
Pre-Race Meeting 10:05am
Race Start 10:15am


Jason Quinn /  Ames Velo

Competition Format

This year’s edition features an ALL gravel course with the options to do 1 lap (Short Course) or 3 laps (Long Course) of the 21.5 mile circuit.

Please review the course ahead of time. There will be a few left turns that require some caution. We also invite you to ride the course PRIOR to the event to get a feel for the terrain and navigation.

Tandem bikes are allowed, however, each rider must register and pay the entry fee.

Race Course Map
*Note this is for ONE LAP. You will need to reload the map on each lap of the 3 lap event
Click Here for additional Information 

Click here for the CueSheet

Following the final registration deadline, GPX files will be emailed to participants.

A food truck will be available at Sunny Heights, so please feel free to hang out and enjoy the view and have some great food.


The race is on an OPEN course, so be aware of traffic.  Riders must obey the Rules of the Road and obey city, county and state laws.

Riders must wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet.

Riders can take advantage of water drop/pickup on each lap at Sunny Heights.

Riders will be expected to be self supported, so be prepared with adequate supplies (tubes, CO2, pump, tools, etc.).  We will have a vehicle patrolling the course for safety reasons, but it will not be supplied for technical support.

Age Determining Date

December 31, 2024
Racers must be 18 years of age by the day of the event.


Athletes will receive a T-shirt. T-shirts will be available for pick up at your venue.

Awards sponsored by Grinnell Mutual

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three place finishers in each age group within each event.

Age Divisions

18-34 | Female Male

35-49 | Female & Male

50 & Over | Masters | Female & Male

70 +

Single Speed | Female & Male

Tandem | Female, Male & Coed*

*All members of a tandem team must register and pay entry fee.

Registration Deadlines

$27 if registered by
$32 if registered between 
$37 if registered between 

Tandem bikes are allowed, however, both riders must register and pay the entry fee.

On-Site Registration
$40 Entry Fee
Pre-Registration is preferred

Iowa Games Cycling Package: Iowa Games offers three cycling events. If you register for one, you can add on the other one (or two) for an additional $10.00 during online registration.


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