Since 1994, one female and one male athlete have been chosen to represent Iowa as its State Games Athletes of the Year. The selected nominations then are sent to the National Congress of State Games for consideration for the State Games National Athlete of the Year. In addition, the winners annually serve the official torch bearers in the following Summer Iowa Games Opening Ceremony. The award was re-named in 2003 after former Iowa Games Athlete of the Year Marty McHone, who died of cancer in 2002.


Athlete of the Year History

2019 Kevin Klingbeil Water Skiing
Emily Feldkamp Cross Country and Triathlon
2018 Curt Nystrom Swimming
Tai Tomasi Paratriathlon
2017 Jim Schon Weightlifting
Sara Schwendinger Track & Field
2016 Philip Ramsey Flag Football, Spikeball and Ultimate
Ann Hegstrom Cross Country and Track & Field
2015 Norman Bower Swimming
Piper Wall Canoe Kayak, Whitewater
2014 Tanner Weitzel Taekwondo, Wrestling
Natalie Whitcher Strongman
2013 Bridger Deaton Archery
Gabby Brewer Figure Skating
2012 Danna Kelly* Triathlon
Carroll Marty* Track & Field, Badminton, Racquetball
2011 Sue Gordon Shooting
Tim Dwight 25 Events
2010 Amber Woodford Track & Field
Mark Hauschildt Weightlifting
2009 Cindy Hauber* Swimming, Triathlon, Road Race
Nate Sickerson Track & Field
2008 Heather Ezell Basketball
Ron Peterson Track & Field, Basketball Shooting
2007 Diane Love Weightlifting
Chad Vance Wrestling
2006 Beth Henrickson Track & Field, Road Race
Jeff Warrick Diving
2005 Kay Glynn Track & Field
Caleb Utesch Swimming
2004 Linda Terry Swimming
Alvin Ravenscroft Track & Field, Road Race, Cross Country
2003 Michelle Ihmels Road Race
Chase Madison Track & Field
2002 Marijane Torjesen Swimming
Houshang Bozorgzadeh* Table Tennis
2001 Stephanie Schinnow Taekwondo
Joe Breakenridge Basketball
2000 Nichole DeKlotz Swimming
Melvin Larsen Track & Field
1999 Tesi Dawson Track & Field
Jamie Beyer* Track & Field
1998 Jennie Lillis Basketball
Gary McCall Wrestling
1997 Abby Hagan Swimming
Richard Latch Weightlifting
1996 Marty McHone Track & Field
Michael Kitchell Road Race
1995 Tammi Blackstone Basketball
Glen Mente Track & Field
1994 Whitney Sondall Swimming
Dave Eilders Shooting

*Named National Congress of State Games Athlete of the Year

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