Adopt an Athlete Program
The Iowa Games take place annually each summer in July in and around Ames. With an estimated 15,000 athletes participating in more than 60 sports, the Summer Iowa Games has grown to become a premiere sports festival. To make sure everyone has a chance to participate, the Iowa Games will offer an opportunity for low-income athletes and families to take part in the Games at no charge to the athlete. The average entry fee is $20 for individual sports. We know times are tough with the economy and not all athletes have the chance to enter competitions like the Iowa Games. For those Iowans who can’t afford to participate, the Adopt an Athlete program can help someone compete.

We are asking you to consider adopting one or more athletes with a donation to the Iowa Games.  All $20 donors will be recognized on the website following the 2013 Summer Iowa Games (if desired).

You can make your donation online at the link below or by sending a check to the Iowa Games office (see address to the right).  Please have a note with the donation explaining your wish to sponsor an athlete(s).  We strongly encourage you to pass this good will gesture on to your contacts, letting them know that you are taking part in the program and how they can get involved!

Story County Boys and Girls Club
Woodward Academy
Dubuque Boys and Girls Club

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