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TBD (Open to Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri Residents)
TBD (Iowa Residents Only)


Camp Sunnyside Variety Center
401 NE 66th Ave
Des Moines, IA 50313



8:00 AM: Check-In
9:00 AM: Orientation

Standard Tournament events begin after orientation, followed by Exotic Tournament Events (see schedule tab).


Kevin Coble
Iowa Saber League

Competition Format

This is full contact lightsaber dueling and has requirements for padding and protection. That list will be sent to you along with a code of conduct sheet shortly after signing up.

The Iowa Saber League scoring system will be used. Hands and feet do not count as points (unless hand is not on the hilt when hit). Arms and legs being 1 point with torso and head is 2 points. 3 minute round to 10 points.

Good sportsmanship is important and will be expected from all competitors.

All sabers will be inspected and must be safe to compete.

Check out the Iowa Saber Academy Facebook page for updates and more info.

Age Determining Date

(day of competition) 


Athletes will receive a cotton T-shirt. T-shirts will be available at your venue. Athletes have the option to upgrade their cotton shirt to a dri-fit shirt for an additional $12.00 until January 5.


Awards sponsored by Grinnell Mutual

Medals for first, second and third place will be awarded in each event.



Novice (Ages 16 & Over)
Advanced (Ages 16 & Over)
Womens (Ages 16 & Over)
Juniors (Ages 12 -16)
Silver Fox (40+)

Schedule is subject to change so please be flexible. Competition will start after the 9:00 AM Orientation.

Standard Tournament Events:
Novice Pools
Novice Brackets
Advanced Pools
Advanced Brackets
Women’s Pool
Women’s Bracket
Junior Pool
Junior Bracket
Silver Fox Pool
Silver Fox Bracket

Exotic Tournament Events:
Advanced Pools
Advanced Bracket

Registration Deadline

$35 online through TBD.

After registration, you will be contacted by one of the commissioners to sign up for events.

Onsite registrations will be accepted.


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