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Capitol Row
522 E 6th Street
Des Moines, IA 50309



7:00 AM – Doors open
8:30 AM – First horn

See “Schedule” tab for specific event times.


Ami Hokomoto

2022 State Games of America
Qualifying Event

2022 State Games of America

All Iowans are eligible to participate!

Competition Format

The Concept2 Model D ergometer will be used for all events. Competitors may select a damper setting of their choice but may not be changed during the race. All race times and finishes will be determined by the Race Venue software.

For age group races, unless entry numbers are high for each age group, these different events will race at the same time. However, separate awards will still be given for male and female winner(s) in each age group event.

Each flight will have 8 ergs. Please note times MAY CHANGE on race day. Please be present 1-hour before your scheduled race time. Weigh-Ins must occur 2-hours prior to race time.

Age Determining Date

TBD (day of competition)


Registration includes a cotton t-shirt. Athletes have the option to upgrade their cotton shirt to a dri-fit shirt for an additional $12.00 until January 10.


Awards sponsored by Grinnell Mutual

Medals for first, second and third place will be awarded in each event (not flight).

Awards may be picked up from the registration table when results are posted. Medals must be picked up the day of the event and will not be mailed after the event.

There will be Juniors, Masters, and Adult Open/Collegiate Divisions.

All results will be based on division and age/gender categorization.

All Events are raced separately for men and women in the following categories, 2000M, 1000M, & 500M:

  • Ages 30-39 – no handicapping
  • Ages 40-49 – no handicapping
  • Ages 50-59 – no handicapping
  • Ages 60+ – no handicapping
  • Junior – restricted to entrants ages 14 & Up
  • Open – no restrictions
  • Open Lightweight (Men: 165lbs max; Women: 135lbs max)

A final schedule will be posted the week of the event. Depending on entries, start times will alter slightly. The preliminary schedule is as follows:


8:30 AM – Women Age 30-39, Age 40-49, Age 50-59, Age 60+
8:45 AM – Men Age 30-39, Age 40-49, Age 50-59, Age 60+
9:00 AM – Junior Women
9:15 AM – Junior Men
9:30 AM – Open & Collegiate Women
9:45 AM – Open & Collegiate Men
10:00 AM – Women’s Lightweight Open
10:15 AM – Men’s Lightweight Open


10:30 AM – Women Age 30-39, Age 40-49, Age 50-59, Age 60+
10:40 AM – Men Age 30-39, Age 40-49, Age 50-59, Age 60+
10:50 AM – Junior Women
11:00 AM – Junior Men
11:10 AM – Open & Collegiate Women
11:20 AM – Open & Collegiate Men
11:30 AM – Women’s Lightweight Open
11:40 AM – Men’s Lightweight Open


1:00 PM – Women Age 30-39, Age 40-49, Age 50-59, Age 60+
1:10 PM – Men Age 30-39, Age 40-49, Age 50-59, Age 60+
1:20 PM – Junior Women
1:30 PM – Junior Men
1:40 PM – Open & Collegiate Women
1:50 PM – Open & Collegiate Men
2:00 PM – Women’s Lightweight Open
2:10 PM – Men’s Lightweight Open

Registration Deadline

$29 Entry Fee |  TBD

$34 Entry Fee | TBD

Participants can participate in multiple events for one entry fee.


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