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1:00 pm


Jester Park Outdoor Recreation & Wellness Center
12112 NW 128th St
Granger, IA 50109


Hannah Lundeen
888.777.8881 x 704


Athletes will receive a colored T-shirt which will be available for pick up at your venue.

Competition Format

The Iowa Games has partnered with Adaptive Sports Iowa to offer an air rifle and air pistol competition open to non-disabled and disabled Iowans. Please see the “Divisions” tab to determine which division to compete in.

** Due to facility regulations, rifle equipment will be supplied. If you are participating in the pistol competition, you will need to bring your own. Participants will not be allowed to use their own equipment.


Competitors doing pistol provide their own equipment. Lead pellets are not allowed. .177 caliber metallic sight single loaded

Click here to view the Competition Rules.

Age Determining Date

Competitors must be 18 & Over by the date of the competition.

Awards sponsored by Grinnell Mutual

Medals for shooting events will be awarded at the conclusion of each event. Please note that no medals will be mailed out after the Games. It is the responsibility of the athlete to obtain any medal prior to departing the competition site.


Rifle & Pistol will be offered for the following:

Open | Non-Disabled
Open | Disabled – Includes competitors with PTSD, TBI, or orthopedic injuries
SH1 – Includes all competitors with a permanent physical disability (spinal cord injury, leg amputees, and stroke)
SH2 – Includes competitors who do not have the ability to support the weight of the rifle with their arms and therefore require a spring stand (upper body injuries and arm amputees).
SH3 – Visually impaired competitors.

Registration Deadline

Postmark: Monday, June 7
Online: Wednesday, June 9

Onsite Registrations will be accepted for $28.

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