Saturday, January 28, 2017
13U and 14U

Sunday, January 29, 2017
12U, 15/16U, and 17/18U


Dubuque, IA
12U - University of Dubuque McCormick Gym
13U - Loras Athletic Wellness Center
14U - Roosevelt Middle School
15/16U - Roosevelt Middle School
17/18U - Loras Graber Center

Tournament Sign-Up

Saturday, December 3; 8 am: 17U & 18U
Saturday, December 3; 10 am: 12U and younger
Sunday, December 4; 12 pm: 13U and 14U
Monday, December 5; 6 pm: 15U and 16U

Pre-Registration Accepted.  We can take up to 50% pre-registered.  Contact to see if  your division is still accepting pre-registered teams.


Iowa Games

Competition Format

This tournament is sanctioned by USAV. All teams must be registered with USAV.

4-team pools will play 2 sets to 25.  5-team pools will play 21 point sets.  21 point sets will start with a 4-4 tie as per sanction requirements and will play sets to 25.  Please view your schedule to know which type of format you will be playing. Playoffs will consist of two out of three sets to 25 (no cap).  Third deciding set to 15. A one day format will be used. Only the top two teams from each pool will advance to afternoon bracket play. Officiating team is responsible for providing a game ball. 


Each team is required to officiate. Teams will be responsible for officiating games when not scheduled to play. A thorough knowledge of scorekeeping, line judging and refereeing is required. An officiating schedule will be provided with the game schedule. Teams will be subject to forfeiture for failing to meet this requirement.


Click Here for the current USAV Rules



Click link to view division schedules:

13U Schedule

14U Schedule

15/16U Schedule

17/18U Schedule

Age Determining Date

September 1, 2016

Awards sponsored by Grinnell Mutual

Gold, Silver and bronze medals awarded in each division.


All players will receive a cotton T-shirt

Iowa Games Youth Volleyball | Age Divisions

6th Grade | 12U

7th Grade | 13U

8th Grade | 14U

9th/10th Grade | 15U/16U (Combined)

11th/12th Grade | 17/18U (Combined)

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2013 2014 2015 2016

Iowa Region Volleyball

Volleyball Online Registration

Registration Deadline

All teams will register through Iowa Regional Volleyball.
$110 Entry Fee


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