Iowa Games Net Fest Volleyball

Competition Information

deadline extended through december 21 FOR ALL DIVISIONS.  


Tournament Information

1. Pool play will consist of two (2) games, rally-scored to 25 points (starting with a 0 -0 score) with bracket play to follow pool play. The number of teams advancing to bracket play will be determined after the deadline. Please note that not all teams will advance to bracket play.

2. Teams will be required to provide referees and scorekeepers during the tournament.

3. Rosters must have a least the minimum number of players (6) listed before being accepted into the tournament.  Players may appear on only one roster.  Divisions are gender specific.  Boys are allowed on a girl's team for 14U & younger teams.  

4. Teams are required to wear matching colored shirts with numbers on the back.

5. At any time, the number of teams per division will be adjusted at the discretion of the Iowa Games staff.

6. No refunds will be issued due to cancellation by weather or team withdrawal after the final deadline.

7. All players receive a T-shirt with entry fee.

8. No spectator/gate fee charged.


Age determining date for Net Fest Volleyball is September 1, 2014.  Within online registration the age requirements are set for June 1, 2014 to accommodate Summer birthday.  

Click here for age determining chart.

12U & 14U teams are set as Coed to allow boys on the roster.  

Adult Coed - Age determining date is the day of the event. 


      1. There can be no more men than women however there can be more women than men.  At all times there must be at least 2 men (unless only starting with four, then only 1 man is allowed) on the court at all times.  Teams may begin the match with the following combinations.  3 men – 3 women; 2 men – 4 women; 2 men – 3 women; 2 men – 2 women; 1 man – 3 women.  


1st and 2nd place teams in each division will receive trophies for each player.


USAV rules with some rule modifications will apply to all divisions.

Click HERE for Net Fest Volleyball Rules

Click here for complete USAV Rules


Athletes should check with their school's athletic director concerning participation. Net Fest cannot be held accountable for determining an athlete's eligibility.

Concessions and Vendors

Valentino's will selling food during the day.

Division Age Determining Date
12 & Under (6th grade) September 1, 2002
14 & Under (8th grade) September 1, 2000
15 & Under (9th grade) September 1, 1999
16 & Under (10th grade) September 1, 1998
18 & Under (12th grade) September 1, 1996 *
Adult Women (18 & Over ) January 3, 2015
Adult Coed (18 & Over)
* 18 & Under - Players who were born on or after Sept. 1, 1996 and a high school student during some part of the current academic year.

Net fest volleyball SPONSORED BY


Saturday, January 3, 2015


Ames Middle School
Iowa State University Campus


Tournament rules, schedule and map will be posted online approximately seven (7) days prior to competition.  NO SCHEDULES WILL BE MAILED!


Kim Abels


deadline extended through december 21

all divisions have spots available
adult coed - 1 spot remains open

Early Registration Deadline

$115 Per Team
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

final Registration Deadline - DIVISION STATUS

$130 Per Team
Thursday, December 11 - Wednesday, December 17, 2014 (ONLINE ONLY!)

*Maximum roster is 12 for entry fee. Minimum roster is 6 players.

Roster Changes

Roster Changes/Additions may be made at no additional charge and must be postmarked by December 24.  Teams that originally register online may make roster changes online until December 29 .  Waivers should be received in the office by December 31 or brought with you to the tournament.

Click Here to Make Roster Changes Online

NO online processing fee! NO spectator admission!

Entry Form

Click here to print Net Fest Team entry form

online registration

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