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Fish Iowa! Games is designed to teach kids the basic techniques of casting.  Through the instructional video included within the Fish Iowa! Games Competition Kit, students can learn casting techniques such as flipping, pitching, and the overhand cast.

Fish Iowa Games Competition Guidelines


The program is unique in that it allows students to learn the basic casting techniques as well as having a fun competition to display the skills and techniques learned throughout the program.  Each contestant/student must cast to the targets provided using the spincast combos provided in the contest kit. Each contestant/student must flip twice from 10 feet, pitch twice from 20 feet, and do an overhand cast twice from 30 feet.

Fish Iowa Games Casting Lanes Diagram 

Fish Iowa Games Score Sheet

You may opt to have students complete one, two, or all three casts as part of the competition.

You will need extra rods and reels for practice. There are several rod and reel distribution centers located throughout the state.


  • Guidelines and diagrams
  • Instructional DVD
  • Score Sheets
  • Reporting Forms (return to Iowa Games)
  • Targets - 2
  • Contest spincast rods and reels - 2
  • Casting plugs (5/16 oz) for practice - 16
  • Participant ribbons - 1 per contestant
  • Medals - gold, silver, and bronze for each class
  • Sample press release (click here to download

CLICK HERE to print, fill out and submit Fish Iowa Games Results Sheet

CLICK HERE to print, fill out and submit Medalists Information Sheet

CLICK HERE for the Fish Iowa Games finals flyer (this should be given to all of your medalists)
*results and medalists information should be submitted by email


2014 Sample Press Release

General Information


The Iowa Games in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources have developed a program called Fish Iowa Games.  The Fish Iowa Games program is a competition through Iowa schools, where students cast from three distances using the flipping, pitching and overhand techniques.  

The competition may be held anytime between February 1 and May 1.  Competition kits will be shipped January 23. All medalists will be invited to compete in the Fish Iowa Games Finals at the 2014 Summer Iowa Games on July 19, 2014 in Ames.

Ryan Merritt 
Iowa Games Event Coordinator
Iowa Sports Foundation
888-777-8881 ext. 119

Shannon Hafner
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Aquatic Education Program



Click here to download or print a PDF of the Fish Iowa Games Entry Form. 

(Note: If you are having problems viewing the entry form, please download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and install the newest version of the Acrobat plug-in for your browser. This is a free download.)


Click here to register online

Online registration opens November 1.