Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Iowa Games?

The mission of the Iowa Games is to provide sports and recreation opportunities for all Iowans through Olympic-style festivals, events and programs.

The Iowa Games offers statewide sports competition for Iowa’s athletes. The Iowa Games was first introduced to the state in 1987 when the Summer Iowa Games was held in Ames.

Today, over 14,000 athletes participate in 50+ sports at the Olympic-style sports festival during July. In 1992 the Games expanded to include the Winter Iowa Games in Dubuque and Cedar Rapids. In late January and early February over 4,000 Iowans compete in 20 sports.

The Iowa Games offers additional sports events over the course of the year. The line-up of sporting events includes:

  • Net Fest Basketball 
  • Net Fest Volleyball 
  • Fish Iowa Games 
  • Hoopin’ At The Dome 
  • Mud Run
  • Iowa Games Golf Classic.

Who Can Compete?

All Iowans! The Iowa Games offers event for athletes of all ages and abilities!

Residency Policy Update: The National Congress of State Games, the membership organization of the Iowa Games, has recently amended its residency requirement to allow non-resident participation in State Games events by residents of states that have no State Games program and residents of states whose State Games program does not offer their sport of choice. The Iowa Games, in order to foster State Games interest in non-member states, has agreed to allow non-resident participation.  If questions please email

How Do I Register?

We encourage everyone to register online. You can register for a sport by going to our Sport Listing, selecting a sport and following the online registration process. There is also a printable entry form on each sport page which you can fill out and mail with payment to the Iowa Games office.

What all does the entry fee cover?

All individuals and team participants will receive an Iowa Games T-shirt and athlete ribbon with registration. Coaches shirts are optional and cost $5.00.

Where do i pick-up my t-shirt and ribbon?

T-shirt pick-up and information booth is locacted in Lot S6 on the campus of Iowa State University (east of Jack Trice Stadium) for all main weekend sports. For first and final weekend sports T-shirts will be distributed at the competition site.

is there an Admission fee for spectators?

All Iowa Games events, other than Net Fest Basketball, have free admission for athletes and spectators!

What if I want to enter multiple sports?

Athletes are discouraged from entering more than one sport due to various competition formats and the possibility of overlapping schedules. Athletes who enter more than one sport do so at their own risk. No refunds or schedule changes will be made to accommodate multi-sport athletes.

Are there awards?

In keeping with the Olympic-style feel, athletes in the all competitive events vie for the custom cast Iowa Games gold, silver and bronze medals with Olympic-style neck ribbons.

What if there is bad weather?

Sports using outdoor site are weather dependent. Competition will be conducted unless the sport commissioner, facility managers or the Iowa Games staff determine weather conditions to be potentiall dangerous or life threatening, or if playing fields would incur significant damage. The Iowa Games reserves all rights to change competition format, schedules or locations depending upon the situation. There will be no refunds for events canceled due to weather. For more information on the Iowa Games refund policy please visit the web page listed under the About tab.

How do i volunteer?

The Iowa Games is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on its volunteers. For many of our volunteers, it is the feeling of accomplishment, sharing in others' success or just having fun that keeps them returning year after year. If you wish to volunteer in any capacity for the Iowa Games please contact:

Seann DeMaris
Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau


Kim Abels
Sports & Special Events Director
1-888-777-8881 x105 

Can the physically disabled compete?

The Iowa Games offers certain divisions for the physically disabled athlete. Please visit the Adapative Sports Iowa web page for more information on events and clinics offered for the physically disabled athlete.

Contact Information

Iowa Sports Foundation
1421 S. Bell Ave. Ste. 104
Ames, IA 50010